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Spire Vision Leadership helps professionals at any stage of their career with leadership and personal development coaching. Today’s leaders inspire, mentor, foster curiosity, empathize, and have a clear vision; gain the advantage with coaching to build up the essential traits that all great leaders possess. We are based in Loudoun County, VA but can serve clients anywhere through virtual meetings.

Customizable Sessions

Take advantage of client-led one-on-one meetings and in-depth group coaching to improve your leadership skills.

Experienced Mentor

Jennifer Frigault has extensive experience in leadership roles and as a mentor to other business professionals.

Develop Your Career

Our expertise encompasses professional development and life or personal development coaching to help you reach your goals.

Available Anywhere

You can get leadership coaching across the nation over your computer with comprehensive virtual sessions.

Meet Jennifer Frigault

Jennifer Frigault of Spire Vision Leadership is an ICF Associate Certified Coach who holds a certification in Leadership for Organization Well-Being from George Mason University, and brings ample experience working and advancing in leadership roles over the last 20 years. Building great leaders is her passion, and it energizes her to help others work through challenges and break down the barriers that may be holding them back from advancing in their professional and personal life. Jennifer resides in Loudoun County, VA and holds an executive leadership role at a major media company.

Jennifer Frigault

Jennifer Frigault

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Get the Skills & Confidence to Lead Effectively