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Be the Leader of Your Life

Empowering Leaders to Excel in Their Professional and Personal Life


Become the confident leader you aspire to be.

Being an effective leader is not an easy task, it’s hard to know how to show up confidently and make an impact on the many people who are depending on you. If you are struggling in a role that undervalues you, if you feel like you are using traditional approaches that are no longer working, or if you just want to sharpen your executive presence and impact, partner with me to gain personal insight and inspire the change to take you to the next level.

Jennifer is not only an ICF-certified executive coach, but a proven executive that has led teams in challenging environments. She brings a calm presence to coaching conversations, intuitive insights and a good sense of humor! You definitely want her as a thought partner during your journey to address challenges or pursue opportunities.

Kumar K. Leadership Coach May 3, 2023

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